LyonByCar is equipped with Treksafe

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Treksafe LED Flares


Treksafe LED Flares with Reusable Roadside Flares and Hard Case and Batteries.

Treksafe : Be prepared to let oncoming traffic know of your position in the event of a roadside emergency. New technology has replaced the old fashion flares, which could only be used one time and the flame was dangerous. Treksafe has developed a new innovative flare kit for your vehicle. The 2 pack of flares have a bright LED red light to alert oncoming traffic and a LED flashlight to help illuminate dark areas. The flares themselves are wrapped in highly reflective tape and have a weighted magnetic base to ensure they do not blow away in windy conditions. Use the magnetic base to mount the flashlight on a metal surface to allow hands free operation. The flares come in a hard case for safe storage. Keep these long lasting reusable flares in your vehicle at all times!

Treksafe LED Flares

Reusable and Safe

A much safer and more efficient alternative to conventional flares, the Treksafe LED Flares are sophisticated electronic roadside flares that provide superior warning visibility during both day and night. Featuring a compact design, the flares are very reflective, weather resistant, and shock-resistant. The colourful rings provide an easy grip and the bright LED lighting has various lighting sequences. Compared to conventional flares, the Treksafe LED flares have no flame so anyone can use them safely and as many times as they like.

Hard Case

The light yet durable hard case is great for easy storage and protection.

Benefits and Features

Sturdy Base


A stable X-shaped attachable base with magnet keeps the flares upright to ensure they’re visible to oncoming traffic and that they don’t blow away in windy conditions.

Visible from a Long Distance


The LED flare is visible from up to 1500 meters, ensuring other drivers see you long before they get close.

Convenient LED Flashlight


The LED flashlight makes the flares handy for daily use or for roadside scenarios in the dark.

Magnetic Bottom of Flares


The bottom of the flares have magnets to attach to metal surfaces. Useful for hanging/attaching to your car for hands-free use of the flare or flashlight modes.