Car Service History in France

Car Service History in France

The name « Big Shed » dates back to the time of King Louis XIV, when the Louvre was still a castle. It refers to the stables next to the Royal Palace of the Tuileries who welcomed the coaches and their crews. The driver, who had just deposit a high-profile and senior traveler with the King could do there to rest and heal his horses.

The driver was a pampered person responsible for the safety and comfort of his master and served, besides its function check, camp help, butler and bodyguard.

LyonByCar, vtc, lyon, chauffeur, privéThe means of transport personalities of the era, including nobles, was the « coach ». The storage of these carriages was located close to the Louvre in two separate buildings « Big Shed » and « Little Shed« .

The « Bigt Shed » is dedicated to the great coaches reserved for the most important people and important occasions.

Today, the activity of « Big Shed » is to provide a customer to order a vehicle « premium » vehicile, including discretion, availability and courtesy of the latter are still criteria inherent to his profession.

Until 2009, we used the term « Big Shed« . Since then, this name disappeared to give way to « Tourist Car with Chauffeur » (activity managed by the Ministry of Tourism).
Finally, since January 2015, the official name became « Transport Car with chauffeur » (VTC), because this business is run by the VTC division of the Ministry of Transport.

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