Car Service Driver, training

First week of training, Car Service with Driver

The first week of VTC Driver training is done. What to say about this course?


I will say, like all classical « welcome » with trainers, schedule of training and participants.

The participants:

frankly, I came across a good group of people who know what they want, some of them already have experience, further up the group level a notch. This changes from FCO training (heavyweight) I could do. Maybe the profession differs, but still. Besides, hello to you if you read this.

Our 7 students group, I’m the 3rd from the right 🙂


Very professional, one feels on the experience and « upper » level they teach. We are here to learn, and frankly, we learn the « quality of what is best in the profession. 35 years of experience on the part of our trainer, it shows. They do not ask us to become like them they « require », but it is for our good and especially for our future.

The training program is comprehensive enough.

The training includes theory about the law. And yes, it must be laws to regulate a profession. This also reminds me of the heavyweights regulation, or rather the Certification in freight transport.
Part « practical », consisting of « protocol » and driving. I add « eco-driving » (again, thank you regulators freight).
Part « foreign language », English, I already knew, but hey, it takes.
External stakeholders, such as an accountant, who explains well the intricacies of choosing the status of action. Further guidance will come again.

In conclusion:

the first week of this training was full and I enjoyed it.

So, very soon for the future.